Better Kate than never

A few weeks ago we told you about the two fundraising runs that were coming up on the 17th April by the wonderful Katie and Eleanor, who were both running on behalf of friends or family with the disorder. We’ve been a while getting back to you on how they did, but don’t think that means they didn’t happen! Quite the opposite: they both took part in their runs, and they both smashed it!

You’ve got a friend

OCD doesn’t just affect those who have the disorder: it can also have a huge impact on the people around them. And coming up this month we have two examples of people so inspired by those they love with the disorder that they will be taking on sponsored runs for OCD Action.

Sweet Mile o' Mine

Jack Pridmore has done it again!

Jack has completed his gargantuan I Did My Mile challenge (which we told you about a few weeks ago) for our Week of Action. To draw attention to the way that OCD comes in many different forms, and how every person’s experience of OCD is completely different, Jack travelled 24 very different and equally challenging miles in a single day – and raised a huge amount of money in the process!