OCD Action is a lifeline for thousands of people affected by OCD.  And with your support, we can reach out to thousands more who desperately need our help.




For many people, calling OCD Action's Helpline or visiting our website is the first step they take on their road to a better life.  OCD can be a debilitating and isolating condition, but it is also treatable.  With the right support at the right time, chances of recovery are high. 

We want to be there for every person that needs us.  We want to provide people with the support and information they need to get better.  We want to answer more calls, send out more information and help more people. 

Your kind donation will enable us to do that.  It'll also help us to fight for change at a national level. To change public perception of the condition, to campaign for a better deal for people with OCD and to create a society where nobody feels ashamed to ask for help.  Thank you.