Pure O intrusive Sexual Thoughts Skype/Phone Support Group

This is
a Skype/Phone
United Kingdom
Meeting Times: 
First Monday of every month from November 2020
Who can attend: 
  • People with OCD
  • Minimum age 18
Contact Details: 

Email: sign-up@ebtsupportgroups.co.uk

Tel: 0303 040 1112 (Office hours)

This Skype/Phone group is run by OCD Actions 'Always Better Together project' and uses Skype (audio only) although participants can choose to join via landline or mobile instead. 

As we send the call out - there are no phone costs with joining a session or fees to attend.

The group is an informal and supportive environment for people with Pure O to share experiences and to offer encouragement to others.

The group also has a closed Facebook group of which participants are offered access to if they wish.

Dates for 2020:

Monday 2nd November

Monday 7th December

Dates for 2021:

Monday 4th January

Monday 1st February

Monday 1st March

Monday 5th April

Monday 3rd May

Monday 7th June

Monday 5th July

Monday 2nd August

Monday 6th September

Monday 4th October

Monday 1st November

Monday 6th December