CBT Competency Self-Assessment Tool

Below is a list of Generic Therapeutic Competencies. The full self assessment tool includes a list of competencies for CBT for OCD.  Please visit the IAPT site for the full self-assessment tool.


  • Knowledge and understanding of mental health problems (6 competences)
  • Knowledge of, and ability to operate within, professional and ethical guidelines (13 competences)
  • Knowledge of a model of therapy, and the ability to understand and employ the model in practice (18 competences)
  • Ability to engage the client (8 competences)
  • Ability to foster and maintain a good therapeutic alliance, and to grasp the client’s perspective and ‘world view’ (37 competences)
  • Ability to deal with emotional content of session (3 competences)
  • Ability to manage endings (4 competences)
  • Ability to undertake generic assessment (relevant history and identifying suitability for intervention) (11 competences)
  • Ability to make use of supervision (17 competences)

Full self assessment tool and guide

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