An Exploration of the Use and Perceptions of Social Media of Young People who have Self-harmed

Georgie Burnett is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the University of Leeds, supervised by Dr Cathy Brennan (Leeds Institute of Health Sciences) and Dr Helen Crosby (Leeds Trinity University), and she is inviting you to participate in this research project.

What is the purpose of the project?

This study will explore the use and experiences of using social media in relation to self-harm, from the perspectives of young people who have self-harmed.

Who is invited to take part?

You can take part if have self-harmed and use social media to view, discuss, or share self-harm related content. Self-harm in this study includes any act of self-harm (including self-poisoning) regardless of motivation. It excludes harm from over or under eating, alcohol or drug use, accidental harm or body piercing or tattooing.

Do I have to take part?

It is up to you to decide whether or not to take part. If you do decide to take part, you will be given an information sheet and will be asked to sign a consent form electronically. During the interview, you do not have to answer any questions that you do not want to.

What do I have to do?

You will be asked to complete a short self-report questionnaire to give some detail about you (including information about your self-harm history and social media use). This will be emailed to you. You will also be asked to take part in one interview held over the phone. The interview will take approximately 45 minutes. The interview will ask about your experiences of using social media in relation to self-harm.

All the interviews will be brought together in an analysis and report on themes that come from the interviews.

What are the possible benefits of taking part?

Some people find it beneficial to talk about their experiences, and your responses will help us understand more about the use of social media. As a thank you for your time, participants taking part in the project will be entered into a prize draw to win a £20 Love2shop gift voucher.

Please read the attached Information Sheet and Recruitment Advert for more information.

Contact for further information and to take part:

Georgie Burnett