Study Name: Precision in Psychiatry Study (PIPS)

The team of research scientists is based in the Global Brain Health Institute is currently working on a worldwide project attempting to create a clinical prediction tool for anti-depressant treatment response.

What are the objectives of the study?

Antidepressants affect people differently. With your help, we aim to develop a tool that can be used by doctors to improve their ability to identify the best treatment for each unique person - helping people get better, faster.

What will happen if I volunteer?

To sign-up for the study, you will be asked to:

1. Submit a photograph of a valid prescription for an antidepressant.

2. Answer questions concerning (i) your treatment plan (dates, dose, etc.), (ii) past and present medications, (iii) Your age (iv) your symptoms (3 questionnaires) and (iv) an email address for us to contact you on. 

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for this study you must: - be about to start taking a medication from the list above. - be taking this medication for the treatment of a mental health problem. - not be currently taking any other medications for mental health problems. - not have taken any other medications for mental health problems in the past 4 weeks. - be aged between 18-70. - be fluent in English.

Will I be paid for taking part?

This study pays a total of €60, which will be sent in instalments pending completion of stages according to the following schedule: Upon completion of week 0 tasks: €10 Upon completion of week 3 tasks: +€20 Upon completion of Final: €30 Payments will be processed via an Amazon electronic gift card. Payments will be made in Euro and converted to your local currency at an exchange rate determined by the company managing payment (Amazon). Payments at each stage will be made as soon as possible, but in busy periods could take up to 5 business days.

Who is running this study?

The study is being conducted by a research team based at the Trinity College Institute for Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. The study has received ethical approval from the School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee at Trinity College Dublin and was additionally internally and externally reviewed by the study funder: MQ, transforming mental health:

Precision in Psychiatry Study (PIPS)

Please read the attached Information Sheet for more information.