The experience of second generation West African men aged 20-34 seeking professional help for the first time for emotional distress in the UK.

Moyo Obisanya is a trainee Counselling Psychology Doctoral student who is being supervised by Dr Raffaello Antonino at London Metropolitan University and is inviting you to take part in a study looking at the experience of seeking counselling or therapy for emotional distress. The aim of the study is to capture the experience of second generation West African men in the UK seeking help for emotional distress for the first time.


You will be asked a series of open ended questions about your experience of seeking help for the first time and your views regarding emotional distress. This will be a one to one interview with Moyo in a room at a charity organisation or community centre near you. The interview can also take place via skype.

Before the interview, you will be asked to complete questions about how you have been feeling in the last 2 weeks. These questions will help to assess your mood and help to minimise the possibility of the things that will be discussed affecting your mood negatively. If the questions indicate that you have been feeling low in mood to the point of hurting yourself, the interview will be rescheduled for another date or you can decide not to take part anymore.

The interview will be audio recorded in order for it to be referred back to when it is being transcribed. The recording will be securely stored away and will be discarded when it is no longer needed for the purpose of the study. Parts of the interview might be included in the final study, but you will not be identified by any of the information used as your details will be anonymised. Before the final data is submitted, it will be looked over by the research supervisor.


The study will last approximately 60 minutes, this includes time to ask questions at the end of the interview.


You are not expected to go into detail about the reasons why you sought counselling or therapy, though the interview might bring up some of the reasons for you.


You will not be identified by any personal details during the interview and you will be assigned a pseudonym in the study write up. Furthermore, any information that you give during the interview that you can possibly be identified by will be anonymised e.g. birthday, other people’s names, place of birth or residence etc. Unless you state otherwise, the data may also be presented at conferences and meetings or published.


If you require more information or have further questions about the study, the contact details and that of the research supervisor are available below:

Moyosore Obisanya (Researcher)

London Metropolitan University


Dr Raffaello Antonino (Research Supervisor)

Please see the attached documents for more information