Recruiting Adolescents with OCD for University of Cambridge Study

Aleya Marzuki is a researcher based at the University of Cambridge and she is involved in research exploring learning and decision-making in young people with OCD.

She would like to invite adolescents (aged 12-19 years) with a diagnosis of OCD to join her study. It will involve a 3-4 hour session with 5 games to be played on a computer as well as questionnaires. For their time, participants will receive £8 an hour.

Additionally, they will get the pleasure of knowing they have contributed to our understanding of mental illness and be able to learn about the kinds of psychology tests they are carrying out in Cambridge, which would be useful for anyone hoping to pursue Psychology at university. 

This research follows on from a paper about the discovery that OCD in youths is associated with learning and memory issues: This research now seeks to understand how and why these issues are present in young people with OCD. From this research, the hope is to be able to design interventions to help young people with OCD in school settings.

Please note that participant under 16 years of age will also need to provide consent from their parents using the Parent Consent Form attached.

Please see the enclosed Information Sheets for more information about this study.