OCD Action National Conference 2019 - Live Streaming

OCD Action's 2019 National Conference will be held on 11th May at Friends House in London, however, we realise that not everyone can attend in person, and we want our information and resources to be accessible for everyone, so for the first time ever, we are going to be LIVE STREAMING our Conference!

If you’re attending the Conference via live stream, you will be able to watch everything happening in the main hall; this includes opening of the Conference, inspirational speakers, plenary sessions and three selected workshops led by experts in the OCD field.

This year’s inspirational speakers include Sophie and David Goldstone who will be showcasing the film 'OCD is Not Me' and Dan Furlong who will be speaking about OCD recovery and his epic upcoming 230km jungle run!

For the plenary sessions, we are very excited to be inviting back The Secret Illness to our Conference for a second year running. They will be showcasing an array of artists and performers and exploring the role of creativity in people’s journey with OCD. As well as The Secret Illness, we are delighted to welcome Rose Cartwright, author of Pure (now adapted for Channels 4’s drama of the same name), who will be giving a talk entitled 'OCD in the Media'. Professor Paul Salkovskis will be running the third plenary session, with his talk 'Current and Future Psychological help for OCD: Many Problems and a Few Solutions', which promises to be an engaging and information session.

As part of your live streaming ticket you’ll also be able to attend three of the Conference’s workshops. This includes a Q&A on effective treatment for OCD, with our expert panel - Dr Amita Jassi, Professor David Veale, Dr Lynne Drummond and Professor Paul Salkovskis. 

So, all that's left to say is you can book your tickets via this link, and watch the Conference from the comfort of your home, for only £12.50 for non Members or £10 for Members.

After booking your ticket you’ll be sent a confirmation email with all instructions of how to log in and join us on the day!