What are women’s experiences of receiving mental health support during the perinatal period?

Dr. Heather O’Mahen, myself (Chloe Rice) and other researchers from the University of Exeter are undertaking a small qualitative study with women who have received psychological support during pregnancy or the postnatal period. For your peace of mind, this project has received ethical approval from the University of Exeter Ethics Committee. I have attached a little brochure of the study. 

We believe women will benefit from this study as they will have the opportunity to give feedback on their experiences of receiving support for any mental health problems they may have experienced. This may be from support workers, counselling, charity support, talking therapies or another medium, however we are particularly interested in experiences of peer support. Therefore we would really like it if women who participate have received peer support in some way. Giving feedback on this support - good or bad - will provide a basis on which services may be improved. Dr. O’Mahen is involved regionally and nationally in perinatal initiatives, and she will feed back the overall results of this study to her colleagues at perinatal services, NHS England and National IAPT.

If women would like to be involved please get in contact and we can arrange a suitable time/place to conduct an interview, which should take no longer than an hour. Depending on area interviews can either be face to face or over the phone. 

For clarity, we would like the child (/pregnancy) that you had this support for to be no older than three years old."

If women would like to get in touch please contact either, csr215@exeter.ac.uk or 07718495298 or Emma Ingram, emi202@exeter.ac.uk