Survey: barriers to accessing a support group


Parents I would really appreciate your help! 

A story of hope and recovery

My name is Debbie, and I have been involved with OCD Action as a volunteer for five years since my daughter’s diagnosis when she was 11 years old. As a parent, I was completely devastated especially when the OCD became so debilitating that my daughter was admitted to hospital where she spent many months. When I asked for information about support groups for parents and other family members I was informed there was nothing at all locally which I found very hard to comprehend, so I turned instead to OCD Aaction and the ‘Better Together Project’ run by the Groups and Communities Manager Keira Bartlett.  With her support, I began facilitating the Online Parent Support Group which now has over 100 parents on its records. Personally, I have benefitted immensely from being part of this supportive network and my daughter has recovered enough for me to be able to return to full time education, leading hopefully to full-time work. Something I could not have envisaged would ever be possible.

Why am I carrying out this survey?

This very small survey is part of my transition back into education and because of my experience of speaking to dozens of parents who find themselves trying to support a child with this debilitating disorder I wanted to choose OCD as a health care topic to study.  

A lot of recent research has discovered that people recover from illness much more quickly if they have peer support. This is beneficial for many reason. It aids recovery, prevents relapse and of course is cost effective as it may reduce hospital admission. If this is true of people with OCD does it extend to parents of sufferers?

Given that the research suggests that these are positive things why then, don’t people access Support Groups? What are the barriers to finding and joining a group?  Part of this project is aimed at discovering the benefits of joining a peer support group and how easy they are to access. 

How can I get involved?

The results of this survey will not be published but I would be extremely grateful to any parents who do not access a support group for their assistance in completely this survey. Of course, it will be anonymous and completely confidential. It will only take five mins (10 very easily answered questions) and not only will it be of benefit to me and my family on our road to recovery but will be useful for me in my role as a volunteer with OCD Action and the 'Even Better together Project’ as to how we can improve accessibility to Parent Support Groups.

 Click HERE to take part in the survey

If you would like any further information please contact either:

Debbie Robinson (RV for the North West of England and Northern Ireland with the ‘Even better Together Project'): or on 07902 091436

Suzanne Mckie (Course Leader) Access to HE – Health Professions and Nursing: or on 0161 886 7060 


Trafford College,

Manchester Road,


Altrincham WA14 5PQ.