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Understanding OCD workshop

This weekend, some of the OCD Action team will be presenting at an 'Understanding OCD Workshop' organised by Rethink Carer Support.

The informative and inclusive event is open to anyone with OCD and their friends, family members, and professionals. It will take place in Cambridge from 9.45am-1.30pm and will include presentations from OCD specialist Dr Rob Willson, our Groups and Communities Manager Keira, and volunteers from OCD Action with lived experience of OCD.

When OCD affects you at work

The OCD Stories podcast is a weekly podcast that sheds a light on OCD recovery. In this episode, host Stuart Ralph interviewed 5 staff members and volunteers from OCD Action, about how OCD has affected them at work. The interviewees discussed:

  • How to talk about your OCD at work
  • The importance of self-care
  • Employment rights for those struggling with OCD

Disclosing OCD at work