The Lakes International Comic Art Festival: a fantastic new partnership

OCD Action is hugely excited to announce that we are partnering with the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival as their official charity.

Taking place on the 14th-16th October, the Festival is an absolutely huge event which brings some of the biggest comic artists and writers from all over the world to the Lake District town of Kendal. On the weekend the entire town will be taken over by this joyful celebration of comics and comic art in all their forms.

Running Wild

This month two of our fantastic fundraisers will be doing two very different -- but equally challenging -- running events.

For most of us, doing a single 10K run requires a lot of effort in itself. Well meet Sam Parker, who over the next month will be running not one, not two, but three of the blighters!

Starting with the Windsor 10K on Saturday 24th September, and continuing on the two following Saturdays, Sam will be hitting the tarmac in three consecutive 10 kilometre runs in support of two people she knows with the disorder.

The North Remembers

What a weekend we’ve had for fundraising!

As some of you may know, Sunday 11th September was the day of the hallowed Great North Run. The largest half-marathon in the world, the event broke records this year for featuring more people from different countries than any running event in history.

But more importantly, three of the people running in this event were doing so for OCD Action!

The Sound of Music

Music can change people’s lives. For many whose daily existence is consumed by the struggle with OCD, there can be no better escape than listening to a song, album or piece of music they love. So we’re thrilled to hear that one of our fundraisers, Oliver R J Woods, is going to be using his own musical talents to help people with the condition by selling some of his pieces for OCD Action.

Three of a Kind

There are few events quite like the Great North Run. It’s the biggest running event in the UK and the largest Half Marathon in the world. Its 13.1 mile route begins in Newcastle, and takes its runners over the Tyne Bridge, through Gateshead and towards the lovely coastal town of South Shields. It has stunning coastal views, live bands to spur its runners on and a generally fantastic atmosphere.

Mud, Sweat and Tears

On Sunday, Richard Taylor achieved the impossible.

For someone with OCD related to contamination issues, what could be a more seemingly impossible task than crawling through five miles of mud, dirt and water, not to mention having to navigate a series of ridiculously tough obstacles in the process?

But Rich has done just that. On Sunday 7th August, he went and conquered the infamous Tough Mudder Half!