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Okay so I am currently doing A levels and I have found that (not just in school) I am very disorganised but OCD sufferers are known to be very neat and orderly, does anyone else experience this lack of structure? I also find it pretty hard to concentrate, sit and revise, pay attention in class, etc - is this a normal OCD trait? And does anyone have any suggestions how they/someone you know tackled this?

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How does your OCD effect you in general ?

I think there are a lot of myths around what 'ocd' is. It maybe that you are not disorganised - but you think you should be more tidy because your OCD makes you see things differently ? If you see what I mean.


I certainly do struggle with concentration as my mind is normally secretly plotting what I need to clean next !


Take Care


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Welcome to the forum, Mollie.  I hope you find it useful.

Bit late, but that's utter rubbish about OCD sufferers always being neat and orderly - there are a lot of things that "everyone knows" about OCD that are not true!  I think it's because obsessive cleaning, due to fear of germs or other contamination, is the best-known form of OCD, so people then wrongly think that OCD is just being fussy by temperament about having everything very clean and tidy.  In fact, lots of people with OCD live in a bit of a mess, because their worries are so distracting and their compulsions take so much time that they haven't time to keep things tidy! 

As for not being able to concentrate; well, for one thing, if OCD worries keep coming into your head it wouldn't be surprising if that distracted you from what you were supposed to be doing.  A lot of people on here complain of that problem.  Is it that?

P.S. In future, you should post in the "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" or "OCD and Intrusive Thoughts" sections - "Comments and Suggestions" is for comments about the charity or the website itself, so people are less likely to notice  it here. 

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im disorganized too.


i dont think psychologists know a lot to be honest. psychology is more a religion than a science. besides some shady statistics they have no evidence at all for their stupid theories.

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