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At OCD Action we often get people sending us poems, stories, books, art and a whole range of creative and inspirational work. For many people, being creative is an excellent way to express their feeling about OCD and how it impacts on their lives. In this area of the website, we invite you to submit your own creative work and share it with a wider audience. For now we can only take words but soon we hope to give you the opportunity to up-load images, video and audio. Your submissions will go to our editor for approval before they are posted below, if you wish to post pictures alongside your work, please email them across to



Posted on: 6th February 2020 by: Anonymous (not verified)

Andrew has recently published his debut mental health poetry book (Un)limited by the mind. We caught up with Andrew and asked him a few questions about the important work he is doing to raise awareness of OCD and mental health more generally. 


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Posted on: 18th October 2019 by: Andyroo

She dances on ice;

Just a thin sliver between her and drowning in fear.

She shows bright colours of a warm sun

Against the backdrop of her snow-white dress,

Defying dull monochrome of winter;

As hints of colour upon ice shimmer,

To reduce sterile, frozen... Read More

Posted on: 24th June 2019 by: Anonymous (not verified)

You raced across the desert alone,

You were neither black or white but roan.

You were the drinker of winds, descended from ‘The Five’,

You were spirited and wilful and unashamedly alive.


But then one day a fear took hold

And tore up your... Read More

Posted on: 29th January 2019 by: Olivia

For a final year university project, Amber Griffith produced a short powerful video about the realities of living with OCD. Accompanied with a poetic voice over, Amber shares how her OCD affects her daily life, from the compulsive thoughts, to the crippling compulsions which accompany... Read More

Posted on: 26th November 2018 by: Anonymous (not verified)

A mysterious being of smokeless fire

Once promised to grant my every desire.

“I have fulfilled many a wish” he said to me,

Only his words were full of falsity.


So I rubbed my head and out he came,

His body tapering into flame

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