These things continue to amaze me!

If you are a Hindu devotee or an avid believer of teachings of different religions then you would have come across a tradition in which a person carries ‘kavadi’. As per this tradition the person has to walk around with his cheeks pierced with a six feet long iron rod and his  body skewered with needles. These mannerisms can bring shivers down anybody’s spine. I am sure that no medical explanation or modern science, for that matter, can explain what people carrying out these traditions are trying to do. But the amazement continues to happen right in front of my eyes!

Night sky is another natural wonder that catches my every now and then. If the skies are clear and on moonless nights you can clearly see zillions of stars sparkling at its best. This forces me to ask questions to myself as to why stars have to shine all the way in the sky and not on earth! Wouldn’t it be even more beautiful if I get the opportunity to travel round the universe while touching each of the stars on my way? Interestingly, not many people get to watch this phenomenon every other day. Also, those people who get opportunities to watch these natural trends are either busy watching programs on television or other things.

The beauty of the nature that is right in front of me is another amazing thing that keeps me wondering. Just think of birds chirping all the time while sitting on trees or think of sun’s rays that will fall on your face each time you step out of your house. These things are simply wonderful and elegant when you think of them in a good frame of mind. If these things doesn’t impress you too much then think of rain that falls on to the ground and supplies us with water to drink and that enables different plants to grow. Don’t these things amaze you at all? It surely does amaze me more than anything else on the earth.

If you don’t want to venture out and see the amazing things happening in front of you think of your own body. Now, isn’t that one wonderful machine? Just think of a doll that struggles to stand erect even with your help! Contrary, here’s your own body that does so many magnificent things like dancing, walking, running and many more other things. Isn’t your body really sophisticated? It really is. In fact, these amazing things are something we do day in and day out.

The bottom line is that all things that are around us, including us, are really wonderful and can be looked at amazement. The very fact that we have such intelligence and can perceive all these amazing things right from our eyes is god’s gift. Truly, ours is a global planet with endless varieties of fantastic things happening all the time. However, there are few people living right here that fail miserably in understanding these nuances and go on to destroy the planet earth in their own ways! One really has to pity these people as they continue to miss out heaven on earth.


scrubguru,  November 9, 2010