So he was left all alone . . . .

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
No creature was stirring not even a mouse. . . . . . . .
All over the world children will pray
That tonight Santa will visit on his big sleigh.

And if they’ve been good he’ll visit them all,
He’ll fill up their stockings and leave in the hall
The presents too large to fit under the tree,
Eat the mince pies and leave by the chimney.

But there’s one to whom Santa just will not be calling
For all year round his behaviour’s appalling.
He’ll torment and bully and despite all our pleas
Continues to bring us all to our knees.

The party invites were all sent, was his lost in the post?
No, for as usual he’s not wanted by even the host.
So let the festivities begin and don’t give a thought
To the one who has made our past year oh so fraught.

Don’t give him a thought just leave him alone,
Giving him time to reflect and time to atone.
He’s OCD and has had his own way for far too long.
So it’s time to enjoy Christmas, we’ve done nothing wrong.


Truddles,  January 4, 2011