Runaway Train

My mind is like a runaway train,
Gaining speed forcefully as it thunders down the rickety track.
Sometimes slowing to a steady pace, but othertimes its as if its a race.
I tighten my grip and hold on tight as I prepare myself for another fight
and wonder if I can manage another night.
The train hurls me this way and that, as it derails going around the bend
It is then that I ask myself "Will I ever mend?"
Back on track now, ready for another day,
but how long before this train runs out of steam
as it ambles alongside a tranquil stream.
The countryside setting is astounding, yet still my hearts pounding
as I anticipate another day aboard this crazy runaway train.
Surrounded by beauty, yet I still cant see it clearly,
as I have a huge dark cloud hanging over my head
and all I want is the security of my bed.
The train gathers speed yet again, full steam ahead!
The thoughts in my head filling me with dread.
I just want to get off and stand firmly on the ground
But the train wont stop and my heart still pounds.
I want to be on the platform and just gaze ahead
and not go through this torment in my head.
At long last the train grinds unexpectedly to a holt, I jump off quickly
and now I am just another blurry face in the crowd.
Insignificant, nobody notices, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel nearing,
Maybe, someday soon, I can stop forever fearing
the obstacles that still may lay ahead,
that trouble me relentlessly in my head.
I hope the light when it comes, shines very brightly on each and everyone of us that suffers with this plight.
Regards from Bridget


aishah,  January 5, 2011