A Piece Of Descriptive Writing

Firstly, I did want to work on this and make it into a proper novel for publishing, but it's a sample of my writing and putting it on here could give me the confidence boost I desprately need..... It's just a little something I did for schoolwork. Not much, no biggie. Be warned, it's c**p - Jess


Alice walked slowly and carefully across the room, trying to avoid her trademark boots from making their usual clomping sound on the hard, stone floor. Ever since she’d found herself in her, she had the strangest feeling that she was being watched and if that were the case, she did not want to draw attention to herself. This room was a very strange one indeed, she obserbed, it was circular-shaped and at one end of the room there was a long, black curtain made out of silk covering the wall. Alice continued walking until she reached the curtain and then she cautiously reaced out her hand to grap it. She tugged hard and the curtain fell and became a rather messy-looking clump on the floor. Alice didn’t pay much attention to that though, she was to busy staring at what the curtain had revealed. She gasped. It was a door with a golden doorknob. Whether it was real gold or just painted she wasn’t sure, but it looked pretty convincing. Maybe this was the way out of wherever-she-was.
So Alice grabbed the doorknow and she twisted it, she pulled it, she pushed it. She did everything she could think of but it just made a loud rattling sound. She tugged at it as she did with the curtain, but still nothing. Alice groaned in pure frustration and in her anger she kicked the door with her big boot.

“You won’t get anywhere by simply kicking the door, you stupid girl. You need to use magic.” Said a voice.


jess,  August 13, 201o