A New Day

Locked in a battle with one's own mind
How desperately it will try to find,
An answer to its longing prayers
As this constant fight, it now bears
Itself, crushing all that lies in wake
If only my will it tries to take.
Take away from me, my freedom right
Darkening the hope of light

Emptiness consumes though in a crowd
And whispers so silent can scream aloud.
Can deafen me with unnerving force
Knocks a life from its fated course
To somewhere new, that dont belong
The air broken by a dreaded song
With words that only i can hear
Filled with contempt, and tinged with fear

How hope and joy, its feels depleted
Knowing i may be defeated,
By the very thing that gives me life.
A mind so struck in pain and strife.
But alas i will not let in win
For tomorrows new day it will begin
And recommence this daily plight
Where myself and I proceed to fight

But one day, before times hath ceased
From this cage, il be released
I will destroy it, It will be defeated
Will return to its cave where it once retreated.
But that time it, it will not return
Not then, will all the things il learn
And with its death will bring new birth
The dawning of a different Earth
A different me