Engage - music video by Leon Fields

By Leon Fields

"I have checking & rumination OCD. However, I have a good CBT routine and the benefit of experience, which means it’s not too much of an issue at present (despite COVID lockdown). In the months leading up to the actual recording of the track back in late 2012 I developed bipolar disorder, although I wasn’t aware of what was happening to me at the time.

The video was shot by me in 2019 on the beautiful Port Meadow in Oxford at a favourite (and safe) swimming spot I go to in the summer. It reflects both my corelated OCD and bipolar experiences. Coming from Devon I know what cold is (sea, rivers). It was quite warm when I shot it. All on an iPhone. Limitation means innovation…It was a bumpy ride but I’m glad to say I’m now more resilient and I use my experiences in a creative way, in particular in the current situation."