Dark Rainbow

Born to see the world in colour

Emotion is a life liberator

Easy to cave to pained feelings

Thoughts shadowed by mind dictator


Faceless like a doll, existing

Wishing away life in static years

Talk hits void and rebounds

Escape from dark with lonely tears


Stranded in a cold place

Staying still, no reaction, a dream

Stuck in a neutral mind

Heart organ plays a scream


Become a diagram of former self

Outlined and soulless

Anxious of sane normality

Glimpses of emotion leaves a mess


Ignoring same social attempts

Loneliness breeds isolation

Hands used as ear survivors

Constant noise brings irritation


External self on top of the world

Internal, settled, bottom of ocean

Constantly justify life’s position

In logical terms without emotion


One true feeling felt is fear

Taste, love, sight is it real?

To see life in black and white

Not the colours needed to heal.


By Chris Chant