My name is Sue; I am 61 and live in Canterbury. I am now working for Mind charity after spending years suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

My success is that after years of hard work I have recovered from this life disabling illness therefore it doesn’t affect me to much at the moment, however there are still times when I feel myself slipping and I know I must continue to fight and remain better.

Looking back there have always been signs, however as time when on these thoughts that lead to my diagnosis of BBD increased. It became most notable in my early 20s, back then there wasn’t a great deal known about BBD or OCD so I wasn’t diagnosed till 2000 by David Field.

Treatment I have received has been amazing. After being diagnosed by David Field, I went to the Priory to receive CBT treatment, which for me was the answer. Although I have tried other counselling and medication, for me CBT has been the best and very successful.

My life today is the complete opposite to how it used to be. I can do everything now, almost as if I have my life back. Back when it was at is worst I felt so insecure, I couldn’t leave the house without wearing makeup or doing my hair. Rain was the worst, over time I became depressed and did make attempts to end my life as everything seemed to take over and be to much for me to handle. But that person no longer exists. I have my life, I don’t need make up and when it rains it rains I can still get on with my day.

If you’re thinking about getting help, I would say start off by educating yourself on what you think it is. People with BBD don’t often know they have anything wrong with them which make things more difficult. Look around you and think is what you are doing ‘normal’ or is it starting to take over controlling your life? If you are willing to put 100% in and really work for it you can get better and be you again.