OCD...it's a long story

where to begin? Well I am currently 29 years old. I have had OCD for 24 years. It all began when my nana and auntie died in the space of 12 months. They both were diagnosed with flu, my aunt actually had a brain tumour and my man a DVT and it was too late because of the wrong diagnosis. I then began with contamination OCD and health anxiety. I would wash my hands until they bled, turn taps off with my sleeves, not sit on the toilet with mout toilet paper covering the seat... you get the jist. The contamination one went away when I was about 9 and then came checking OCD and praying OCD and superstitious OCD. Until I was 13 and started with anorexia, still had checking OCD and still have to this day, health anxiety has never gone away either. I get a headache and think I have a brain tumour, a bruise and think I have leukaemia, the flu and think I have HIV! The worst OCD for me has been episodes of thinking I have HIV and also thinking I will stab someone in my sleep and now false memory OCD has ruined my life. I almost feel like the word OCD is a form OCD for me. My current struggle is false memory...it is ruining my life! 

I am receiving treatment by medication and I am on a waiting list for CBT. 

So tired of the battle but I will beat it and get some sort of semi normal life.