A little insight into me :)

Not really sure where to start with all of this, but here goes, Growing up I had a very negelegant mother who never done any for of house hold chores and who had a very poor sense of personal hygeiene (which she inflicted onto us). We never had clean bedding or clean clothes and always had head lice to the point of getting sores and abcesses on mine and my siblings scalp. I had to have three teeth removed at the age of 12 because we were never taught how to brush our teeth properly and look after ourselves, and because we lived an hours drive away from our other family members we were completley alienated from the only people who could help. We would always have flea bites around our ankles from them living in the disgusting carpets (My skin is itching just thinking about it) and because we looked so scruffy in comparison to the other kids me and my brother found ourselves the victims of bulling in school. Luckily when I was thirteen my grandparents found out about our living conditions and I was placed into their care and my brother went to live nearby with his father. Since then I have struggled with day to day tasks and have been known to spend full days on housework alone even though the house is completley clean and tidy from the fear of ending up like my mother and also in a bid to prove to others that I am nothing like my mother. This has since worsened since I moved into my own place (I am now 21) and it has gotten to points where I have badly burnt my hands from using to strong of a bleach solution and has also affected relationships and friendships. hopefully this relates to some people and that I can find friends in some of you fellow sufferers thanks for reading and please feel free to express your viewpoints and opinions x x x