I hurt everyday! But I'm fighting

Hello, My name is Martin Garcia, if you told me a 3 months ago, that I would have OCD(Thought of harming someone) I would told you were dumb because I had the most confidence out of everyone and all I cared about is myself, even though I had support of my family, friends , and my girlfriend. I didn't think I had any kind of anxiety but everything changed last 2 months ago,So I was watching show "The Excorist" and I remember In that show that there was a daughter killing her mom in that show. So an hour later I was watching some wrestling and I got hungry and I go to the kitchen and now its like 2 in the morning and I didn't want to get yelled so my plan was get something to eat and go to my room. I go get an orange, since I don't have nails, I took a knife because i didn't know how to peel it. I'm going to the hallway and I see my parent's room because it's rarely closed and I was thinking "why is it close?"and I just had a thought one of me killing my mom and i had this feeling where i only I get when I want to do stupid stuff like jumping from couches and doing wrestling moves,  so then I got scared because I first I thought I was possessed but then I shook it off because I thought it wasn't real, so next I call my girlfriend and she tells me it's real, then that when it really started because I didn't sleep that day and It just was in my mind and I was waiting for it to go away but it didn't and it lasted a while before I told my parents, it literally lasted a week and the next day was the worst ever and I ended up in the emrgency room and well since then there been days that I just been fighting it for like 2 months, and well I'm fighting and these thoughts hurt, there is days where I want to tap out but I can't because I have to be there for my girlfriend, my niece and nephew. I felt like there is no hope because I live in the U.S, and they take certain insurance and so I have to wait and see if they accept me but I barley started seeing psychiatrist and I'm barely doing CBT with a therapist. There is still hope, I'm fighting everyday, and it sucks because there is times there is self doubt and confusion. The bad thing is I could appreciate a day with my girlfriend or friends because of these thoughts, there is days that I feel I should break up with her for her saftey but I know when I Overcome this I  need her by my side. Right now I'm taking olanzapine and prozac, Im barley on the first weeks but I feel worst, but I'm fighting every single day because of my family , friends, and girlfriend