Where there's a Willetts, there's a way!

16 year old Abbi Willetts and her sister Saskia are truly going the distance to help people with OCD.

Abbi has had OCD since she was four years old, and is determined to help others who are in the same position. So this summer Abbi and Saskia will be walking a whopping 48 miles to raise awareness of the condition and donations to OCD Action.

The course itself is four miles long, but Abbi  felt it was important to walk around the course 12 times: one lap for each year she has lived with OCD.

(Abbi and Saskia)

Abbi wrote:
I have suffered from severe OCD since I was 4 years old and I still suffer severely from it now. It consumes my days and affects my life 24/7. It is a tiring/debilitating/exhausting mental illness and something that needs to stop being misused. I would like to stop the stigma but also raise awareness and raise money for a charity that means so much to me. My sister is my biggest and most amazing supporter and so she is joining me in going round a 4 mile course, 12 times (representing the 12 years I have had OCD) over 2 days which will be taking place [during the summer]. We really hope you would all join us in raising money and donating to this amazing charity. 

But the distance they’re walking isn’t the only thing that’s impressive about Abbi and Saskia’s event: through their tireless efforts of raising awareness, including a highly emotional assembly at their school, the two girls have raised an astonishing £1616.25 (including Gift Aid). This is already the highest amount raised of any fundraiser this year… and the event isn’t even happening until the summer!

So a HUGE well done and thank you to both Abbi and Saskia, and we can’t wait to see how the walk itself goes!

That’s not all though! Another member of the Willetts family is also doing his own fundraising event. Abbi’s father Rob Willetts was keen to show solidarity with his daughter and help raise money to allow people like his daughter to get the services they need.

So Rob has decided that he will be taking on the equally humongous task of giving up alcohol for an entire year. He started in January this year and has raised an impressive £145 for OCD Action so far.

Rob wrote:
My eldest daughter Abbi has had OCD since she was 4 years old. In the past 11 years we have tried many ways to get her help but the understanding of OCD in children has been very poor.  Now I want to help her by showing I can be outside my comfort zone and so get a very small idea of the mental torture she has been through for all these years. If I can raise as much money as possible along the way it would be greatly appreciated!

Together, the Willetts have raised a staggering £1761.25 so far this year. Just think of all the people with OCD whose lives are going to be dramatically improved by all of these donations!

Thank you so much to the amazing Willetts family. We’re truly humbled by all you’ve done this year for people with OCD.

Donate to Abbi and Saskia's JustGiving page

Donate to Rob's JustGiving page