Welcome to our (two) new Helpline Co-ordinators

The OCD Action Helpline and email service offers help, information and support for people with OCD, carers and anyone who is concerned that they, or their friends or relatives, may have OCD or a related disorder.

The Charity recently decided, that to improve this service, we needed a Helpline Co-ordinator in place to ensure we are reaching and supporting more people affected by OCD. So we would like to introduce you to our two new Helpline Co-ordinators, Christian Bower and Olivia Bamber, who will be sharing this role and working alongside the fantastic team of current Helpline Volunteers. 


"I first started volunteering on the Helpline at OCD Action in 2007 whilst at university. After taking calls for a few weeks I was shocked at the extent that OCD ruined some people lives and frustrated every time I spoke with someone who was trying their hardest but could not get treatment. I realised how needed OCD Action was and that the helpline was probably the first stepping stone for a lot of people to get better.

I left in 2011 and set off travelling but the Charity has always stayed close to my heart. Since then, the Charity has retained everything that makes it work so well but also expanded in lots of new ways to help people. I'm really excited to be back on board running the helpline with Olivia."


"I've been in my current role as Media and Communications Officer for a year, and am thoroughly enjoying the work I am doing with the Charity. This last year has really highlighted the amount that still needs to be done to help people with OCD and their loved ones get the support and treatment they deserve. For many, the OCD Action Helpline is the first step taken to getting that help, so it is such a vital service for the Charity. Alongside my Media and Communications role, I will also be working with Christian and the Helpline Volunteers, to continue to expand and improve the quality of this service, so we can hopefully help many more people affected by this awful condition.

If you would like support or information via the OCD Action helpline, please call 0845 390 6232, or email .