Week of Action 17th - 23rd Feb 2014

OCD Action launched our first OCD Awareness Week in 2010 and since then, with the help of our volunteers, we have done a huge amount to raise the profile of OCD and make more people aware of the disorder. This year we are taking on a new challenge, because awareness is not enough. We want people to take action.

OCD Week of Action 17th -23rd Feb is our national campaign to inspire people to get the help they need, influence change and fight misconceptions.

We will encourage people who are concerned that they may have OCD to take action and go to their doctor and seek help. Many people wait a long time before seeking help leading to years of unnecessary pain and distress. We will explain how OCD Action can help them take the first step and support them all the way.

We will encourage anyone who is concerned that a loved one may have OCD to take action and help them through treatment and beyond.

We will be asking people to take action and join us in campaigning for better access to quality treatment and influencing the way information about OCD treatment is shared.

We will be asking people to take action and help us to fight misconceptions and show the real impact of OCD.