Webinar for Parents

Online seminar sessions: Term 3


These online seminars are for parents of children with OCD and take place on the third Tuesday of each month 7-8pm.

They usually take the form of online presentations given by specialists of the Maudsley Hospital (Centre of Excellence in OCD). Parents of OCD sufferers are able to book places allowing them to log into the session, listen to the presentation and ask questions at the end.

Booking and Information:

If any parents of sufferers would like more info on the seminars they can contact Trish Macleod on 02072535272 or at

To register, parents need to provide Trish with their full name, phone number, email address and age of child. We will then keep them updated on forthcoming seminars allowing them to sign up to the relevant ones.


18th June 2013: How CBT works and how parents can practise CBT/ERP at home - Laura Bowyer (Clinical Psychologist)16th July 2013: OCD and the Education System17th September 2013: Open Q&A – Chloe Volz (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)15th October 2013: OCD at school and telling others – Sarah Robinson (Clinical Psychologist)19th November 2013: Medication: what, why , how long and what effect? – Bruce Clarke (Clinical Director)17th December 2013: Younger children and pre-teens with OCD – Amita Jassi (Clinical Psychologist)21st January 2014: Coping with transitions: new schools, moving houses and other life changes – Georgina Krebs (Clinical Psychologist)