'For Want of a Nail' exclusive film screening!

Oakhill Productions have been working hard for the last year, developing a brand new short film 'For Want of A Nail' (FWOAN) in which the main character has OCD, and this Sunday the film will be shown at an exclusive screening event in Surrey, at The Harlequin Theatre in Redhill! 

We were approached by Oakhill Productions last year and were instantly keen to support them with their project. From the outset, it was clear that portraying OCD in an honest and sensitive manner was of upmost importance to the production crew, and this has remained a clear priority for them throughout the production process.

At the end of 2017, a number of our volunteers attended a workshop with the FWOAN crew as they held an audition and workshop day, on the lookout for superb actors who could play the main character Marty. They found their match in Clark, and rehearsals were quickly underway!

Since then, the scenes have been filmed and edited and the finished film is travelling across festivals all over the UK!

We recently caught up the the cast and crew to find out a little bit more about their work on FWOAN and the challenges they faced when it came to presenting OCD in an honest and sensitive light. Here's some of their answers!

First up we spoke to Nick, the writer of 'For Want of A Nail' (expand each question by clicking on it!)...

Next up, we spoke to Lucy, Director of 'For Want of A Nail'...

And last but certainly not least, we spoke to the lead actor, Clark Alexander, who played Marty who is affected by OCD.



We have had the pleasure of previewing this fantastic short film, and now others will be able to do the same at an upcoming screening this Sunday in Surrey! Not only that, Oakihill Productions are holding an auction at the screening to raise funds for OCD Action - how fantastic is that?!

We have had such a huge amount of support from this team over the last year and we are incredibly grateful for that - so thank you every member of the cast and crew for supporting OCD Action's work, for including us in the creation of this wonderful production, and for creating a film that does a great job of portraying the effects OCD can have on a persons life. We expect this film screening to be the first of many, so watch this space!