For Want of a Nail - an amazing VR experience!

We're very excited by the incredible short film For Want of a Nail, from the talented minds at Oakhill Productions. FWOAN is the story of Marty, "a young man dealing with life, loss & love…oh & he has OCD". Oakhill were very keen to get input from OCD Action during the production of the film, and the result is a powerful, honest and uncompromising look at the life of someone struggling with this devastating condition. You can read more about the film, and a fascinating interview with some of the cast and crew, in our previous article.

Since we last updated you, there have been two exciting developments for this wonderful film:


A VR Experience

Ever wanted to see a Virtual Reality video which depicts the life of someone with OCD? Well, Oakhill Productions have created just that!

For Want of a Nail already depicts, without pulling any punches, what it is like to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And now, through this immersive experience, you can actually see what it is like to see the world through Marty's eyes.

All you need to watch this experience is your phone - it should work on any smartphone through the YouTube app, and is well worth checking out!

Watch the VR video here!


Preview Screening - 20th May

Oakhill Productions is already doing a real service to people with OCD through the awareness raised from this film, but that's not all they've done to help people with the condition. In May, they very generously held a fundraising screening for OCD Action!

It was our pleasure to attend the preview screening for For Want of a Nail, which was held at The Harlequin Theatre in Redhill, Surrey. It was a very positive, inspiring event, with a big audience of people, many of whom knew little about OCD. The response to the film was incredible, with many audience members remarking about how much they'd learned about the condition from the film. There was a live Q&A with the cast and crew where they elucidated on the creative process and their tireless work to portray OCD in such a true-to-life manner.

The film screening had a fundraising auction for OCD Action, where many local business (including La Barbe, Gerrards, Miwk, Aveda, Benefit, Monty Bohangles, Between the Lines and Body Rocks Studio) donated items for people to bid on. It raised an amazing £350!

Thank you so much to everyone involved in this wonderful film - including producer Ali Causon, writer Nicholas Thomson, director Lucy Joan Barnes and star Clark Alexander - for their amazing support.

Make sure to check out the film - it's not to be missed!

Check out a trailer for For Want of a Nail here:

For Want of a Nail's official website