A Very British 10K

by Terry Li Xiang Zhen


Sunday 15th July: a big day to remember. The French team won its second World Cup, Novak Djokovic secured his fourth Wimbledon, yet most importantly, another year of British 10K officially kicked off and the whole of London was brimming with joy and excitement. For OCD Action, it was also one of the absolute highlights of the year for fundraising! This year, there were six amazing fundraisers running for OCD Action, and all of them did stunningly well despite the scorching temperature.


Thomas Fulk was the first to finish. Thomas was diagnosed with OCD in late 2017. Knowing that keeping fit could potentially help control OCD, he decided to do a 10K run, not only to help himself, but also to help raise funds for other people who have their lives affected by OCD. Earlier this year, he took on the Lee Valley 10K alongside some of his family. During the British 10K, Thomas performed a miracle again – he finished in 44 minutes 43 seconds. Through these two runs, Thomas raised £930 for OCD Action, surpassing his target by over 300%! That was absolutely brilliant!


The second to finish was the fantastic Ian Deslow, who got a time of 45 minutes 42 seconds! What an excellent performance! Ian ignited the idea to fundraise for OCD Action when he learnt about the devastating effect of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder during his Level 3 Counselling course. He then decided to raise money through British 10K to help people who are struggling with OCD, and has already collected an excellent £192.77 for OCD Action (partly through a cake sale, for which his wife generously provided the cakes)!

Thank you Ian! We have certainly felt your support!


University lecturer Alex Kevill also participated in the run to fight against this life-destroying disorder.  He had a brilliant performance on the run, getting a time of 1 hour 2 minutes and 29 seconds. He's smashed his fundraising target, raising nearly £383.77 in total - well over double his target! Well done Alex!


Our highest fundraiser was the incredible Amanda Woodward, who was running for her six year old daughter, Nancy, who is suffering from OCD. As a mother who loves her daughter so deeply, Amanda was willing to take on her very first run, despite having her back injured during training. Her friend Amelia also ran alongside with her, together they have raised an astonishingly mind-blowing £1,235 for OCD Action (over double the original target), with a finish time of 1 hour 50 minutes and 29 seconds! Great job Amanda, and hope your back gets well soon!

Amanda wrote:
Well that's it!! I raised £1030. I have the most amazing friends. Thank you so much everybody. The charity are so thankful.

(Pictured: Amanda (left) and Amelia (right))


Tracey Marsden was also running for a family member with OCD, also did a fantastic job, raising an impressive £356 through her run (including through a successful fundraising evening!) and getting a time of 1 hour 8 minutes and 3 seconds. Great job Tracey!

Tracey wrote:
I had a great time and it was great to be cheered on by a member of OCD Action.


This is still not the end! Bobby Mcilwaine got a result of 1 hour 1 minute and 27 seconds, having raised around £200 offline!He was running to raise awareness of OCD and fundraise to help the charity run its vital services. His support is truly appreciated by OCD Action, well done Bobby!

Bobby wrote:
I felt very humbled to have been a part of the charity’s tremendous work around this still misunderstood but highly impactive illness.  Although I’m not a sufferer myself I’ve seen first hand how devastating OCD can be, but with people such as [OCD Action], you can help make the difference to those persons who suffer. [...] The feed back I’ve had from colleagues and friends about why I ran for the charity, has been very humbling and gracious.

It was an amazing, meaningful and fruitful day. We greatly appreciate all our runners have done to support our work and raise awareness. The grand total of donations raised through the event so far is £3,217.77! That total is going to help a lot of people with OCD to get the essential support they need. So Thomas, Ian, Alex, Tracey, Amanda, Bobby ... thank you so much for your support, and congratulations!

Inspired by what you've read? It's not too late to donate! Donate to any of our wonderful fundraisers by checking out their JustGiving pages:

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Want to get involved in an event of your own? Just email our Lead Fundraiser at charlie@ocdaction.org.uk!