Tom Clancy: Coastbuster

Remember Tom Clancy, who took part in last year's incredible OCD Walk? Well, he's only gone and done it again!

In the summer of 2016, Tom took on the unenviable task of walking all the way from John O'Groats to Lands End. Considering Tom's own struggles with OCD, this wasn't easy for him, but over three months he managed to walk the entire route. It was a truly inspirational story, which you can read about in the articles we wrote at the time.

This year, Tom has again found himself in a position where OCD is having a significant impact on his life. And so he decided to take on another walk to raise awareness of the disorder and the experiences of those living with it.

Tom wrote:
9 months on from my OCDwalk from John O'Groats to Lands End, I find myself in a place where OCD is negatively impacting my life to the extent that again I feel I need help. I have reached out and joined a 16 week waiting list for a Stage 3 assessment that will hopefully lead to a further course of CBT. OCD is an on going process with no quick fix - and for this reason it is vital that people speak out and find help...

This time, the walk Tom set out on was the formidable Coast to Coast Walk, a walk he'd wanted to do for a long time. Devised by Alfred Wainwright, it takes the walker from the west coast seaside town of St Bees in Cumbria all the way to the east coast small fishing village of Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire. And while the walk was not quite as lengthy as last year's, he also didn't have three months to complete this one: already a 13 day walk, Tom had to do it in 10!

And as it will bring you no surprise to hear, this walk was a resounding success! He set out a couple of weeks ago on 19th June 2017, and finished on 27th June -- a day early! Now that's what we call an incredible achievement!

Not only this, but Tom managed to raised an impressive £308.75 for OCD Action, which is going to do a huge amount to help people with OCD in the UK.

As with last year, the Walk itself was also inspiring to behold, as Tom took on many challenges, both physical and mental, and emerged nine days later at Robin Hood's Bay. You can check out his journey on his Instagram and Twitter.

Well done and thank you so much again to Tom for doing such an amazing job! Your tireless work to help people with OCD, despite all you are going through yourself, is hugely appreciated.

Want to show Tom how valued his amazing efforts are? Donate to his Virgin Money Giving page!