There and Jack Again

Some of you may remember Jack Pridmore, who went on a HUGE fundraising journey around every county in England this time last year.

Well, he’s back again! And he’s ready to undertake a task which is just as daunting as the last one.

On Monday 15th February (the first day of our Week of Action, 15th-19th February) Jack will be doing 24 miles in 24 hours. If that doesn’t sound like enough, then there’s one big twist: each of these miles will involve a different activity! Whether climbing for a mile, carrying weights for a mile or even carrying another human being for a mile, Jack will be pushing himself to do as many different activities as is humanly possible.

The reasoning behind this is simple: Jack wants to raise awareness about the varied, constantly changing nature of OCD. Like his 24 miles, the disorder can take on many different forms over the course of a day, and no two people’s OCD is the same. As Jack says, “Walking a mile in my shoes with my own OCD is very different from the next person with OCD. I hope this week can prove that, raise some funds for a great charity that provide support and services to sufferers of one of the most debilitating conditions on earth and hopefully have some fun on the way.”

But that’s not all! Jack isn’t just doing this challenge himself. He wants to encourage as many people as possible to sign up and do their own mile (or miles!) along with him. This is where YOU come in! Even if it’s just for one of the miles Jack wants as many people as possible to come along for the ride. You could help make this an even bigger fundraising event for OCD Action than it is already! If you’re interested, please visit Jack’s website, I Did My Mile, and get yourself signed up.

So best of luck to Jack, and please visit his JustGiving page to help him raise money for people affected by OCD!

Want to join Jack on one or more of his miles? Or have a different fundraising event you’re thinking of are already involved in? Don’t hesitate to contact Philip at or on 020 7253 5272.