Sweet Mile o' Mine

Jack Pridmore has done it again!

Jack has completed his gargantuan I Did My Mile challenge (which we told you about a few weeks ago) for our Week of Action. To draw attention to the way that OCD comes in many different forms, and how every person’s experience of OCD is completely different, Jack travelled 24 very different and equally challenging miles in a single day – and raised a huge amount of money in the process!

And Jack did not go for the easy options! Among the many simply staggering challenges he undertook he did a mile of:

  • Hopping on one leg (and then another mile on the other!)
  • Keepie uppies
  • Walking a dog
  • Boxing (for the equivalent of a mile in arm movements)
  • Jumping up and down on a bench

He even made a stop at the OCD Action office in the afternoon, by which point he’d already done 15 of his miles; not for a rest, but to run up and down the building’s five storey flight of stairs 28 times!

But it hasn’t just been Jack doing his miles! Alongside his 24 Jack invited as many other people as possible to do their own miles this week. We’ve had a huge outpouring of other people signing up to do their bit. We’ve had people cycling, dancing, parkouring, swimming, walking dogs, doing a mile of lunges and many, many more. He even had a donation from Peaky Blinders star Paul Bullion! Check out the Twitter page to see all the things people have been doing to raise awareness about all the different ways people can experience OCD!

So congratulations and a HUGE thank you to Jack and everyone else who did their mile. And it’s not too late to do your own! You can still sign up, get sponsored and join Jack to help make the world a better place for people with OCD. Even if you don’t feel like doing an intense mile like one of Jack’s, any kind of mile will be a huge help.

Have any ideas of your own on how to raise money and awareness for people with OCD? Just contact Phil at or on 020 7253 5272 and we’ll do all we can to let people know about what you’re doing.