Stakeholder Day Feedback

Last November, the Charity held 

On the 16th November, the Charity held a Stakeholder event. This was an opportunity for people to come together and help set the “to-do list” for the Charity. We asked people for their ideas on how we can improve access to quality NHS services, on our services and what more we can do, how we can raise awareness and can get more people to seek help and how we can increase volunteering and participation in the Charity. Below are just a few of the suggestions that were made. A huge “thank you“ to all those who participated; it was great to hear so many new ideas. Over the next few months the OCD Action team will be looking at these and seeing how we can turn them into reality.

Improving Access to Quality Services

·          Promote knowledge of IAPT and self-referral to GPs and the general public

·          Ensure good quality assessment and diagnosis by trained professionals

·          Ensure choice in secondary care

·          Each service to publish outcomes for OCD treatment

New Services OCD Action could provide

·          More Family days and a family support pack

·          Offer more online seminars and meet ups

·          Provide more support for people with thoughts of causing harm

·          Create a mentor or buddying service

Raising awareness and getting people to seek help

·          Share more success stories       

·          Campaigning against negative coverage in the media

·          Maintain key messages

·          Ensure that all types of OCD are covered

Increase volunteering and participation

·          Build relationships with youth organisations

·          Support volunteers with an updated volunteer pack

·          Create more social meet-ups for volunteers

·          Create more fundraising event options that are simple to enter