The Sound of Music

Music can change people’s lives. For many whose daily existence is consumed by the struggle with OCD, there can be no better escape than listening to a song, album or piece of music they love. So we’re thrilled to hear that one of our fundraisers, Oliver R J Woods, is going to be using his own musical talents to help people with the condition by selling some of his pieces for OCD Action.

Ollie, who goes by the name “CVSP”, is an incredibly talented music producer and classical composer from the south of England. He specialises in Hardcore electronic dance music but also composes some beautiful classical pieces. Some of his highlights include the catchy Happy Hardcore and a stunning piano concerto.


But Ollie also has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He’s in good company: from Ludwig van Beethoven to Cole Porter to Joey Ramone to Justin Timberlake to Eminem, there are countless musicians through the ages who have (or are thought to have) had their lives affected by the crippling condition.

Having spent nearly a decade of his life overcome by OCD, Ollie is determined to help others in his own position:

I have been suffering from OCD for the last 7 or 8 years and it is a daily struggle for me. A few months ago I got in touch with OCD Action and [the] team gave me advice and support. As part of my music production I’d like to offer my music in aid to help raise awareness of one OCD but also to help fund the charity so they can help others in the same boat [as] I am.

So Ollie is now selling his excellent music through his page on JustGiving. Anyone who donates to his page will receive an email from him with a download of a track of your choice (including the two featured above). Whether you’re an electronic dance music fan, a classical aficionado, or into hip-hop or trance, there will be something there for you in his impressive catalogue. And on top of this, once it's completed, he's going to throw in the next piano concerto he's working on for free! So check out his Soundcloud and take your pick of which one you’d like, then head to his JustGiving page and make a donation!

All proceeds from the sales will go to OCD Action, and will directly help people who, like Ollie, need support and information when struggling with a condition that is so often misunderstood and stigmatised.

Thank you Ollie! We’re incredibly touched and grateful that you’re raising money to help people with OCD. And the fact that you’re using your music talents to do so will do a great deal for raising awareness that people can achieve wonderful things despite the condition

Do you want to raise money through your own passion? Perhaps you’re a musician like Ollie, or an artist, writer or other creative. We’d love to hear your ideas! Get in touch with me at or call the London office on 020 7253 5272 and we’ll give you all the support you need.