Run Mike the Wind

We've got a lot of wonderful running events coming up this year from our fundraisers. Whether it be 10Ks, Half Marathons or Marathons, we’re hugely grateful to all the amazing people who throw their backs out to raise donations to help people with OCD through running.

And kicking off the year in running, we have the amazing Michael Darvill, who is doing a hugely impressive amount of fundraising in the short space of two months.

Michael was inspired to help people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as somebody very close to him is affected with the condition. So, starting from last weekend, Michael is truly working hard to bring attention to the disorder and to raise donations to help people living with it.

Michael wrote:
Anxiety disorders destroy people’s lives. People end up having to have to live apart from their partners and children, hoping that one day they can be strong enough to find a way back. I am running for OCD Action to raise awareness of this illness. These people need help, support and most importantly someone to talk to.

He began with the Wimbledon 10K on Sunday 5th March, and will be following it with the Richmond 10K on 19th March 2017, the Southampton Half Marathon on 23rd April, the Run Frimley 10K on 1st May and the London West Tough Mudder on 6th May. Phew... that is a LOT of running!

The Wimbledon 10K went very well: despite it being wet, windy and cold, Mike completed the run in good time. And what’s more, he’s already managed to raised a mindblowing £437.50 (including Gift Aid) to help people with OCD all over the country.

So everyone give Mike a huge round of applause, and we wish him the very best of luck in his future runs!

Inspired by what you’ve read? Donate to Michael’s JustGiving page and help him raise even more!