National Conference and Star Supporters, 2015!

Conference is always a highlight of the OCD Action year and this year was no exception. We held the Conference in Manchester last weekend at the Manchester Conference Centre, and it was great to see so many new, as well as familiar, faces!

Throughout the day, we heard from a number of leading OCD experts, inspirational speakers and authors, as well as being joined by the BDD Foundation, Anxiety UK, and Triumph Over Phobia. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed towards the production of this year's Conference, it really was an event to remember.

We were able to thank a small number of people at the Conference, for their outstanding support of the Charity over the last year. Here is the list of our 2015 Star Supporters:

Angela Treves - for all of your work on the Helpline over the years.

Jack Pridmore - for your outstanding fundraising efforts.

Ross Harrison - for your superb work on the Better Together Project.

Helen Poskitt - for all your advocacy and awareness raising work.

Esmé Clarke - for all you have done to help bring together young people with OCD.

Ellen White - for being a real inspiration to young people with OCD.

Ashley Curry - for all you have done to raise awareness of OCD.

India George - for championing the Youth Advisory Panel and helping to raise funds for this work.

Laura Bennett - for your outstanding advocacy work.

John Hopkins - for the great work you do as an Advocate and as a Regional Volunteer for the Better Together Project.


You can find many of the presentations from the Conference in the resources section of our site, and the inspirational speeches will be added shortly.

Thank you once again, and we hope to see you all next year!