Mental Health in the Metropolis

A few weeks ago, popular news outlet - The London Evening Standard - began releasing a series of video documentaries about what life is like living in a city with a mental health condition. 

The series, entitled Mental Health in the Metropolis, was created by video journalist Alex Gatenby, who feels passionately about mental health campaigning. The series she created has given a real insight into the daily lives of those battling mental ill health, and has raised awareness about a range of conditions. Much to our delight, one of these videos focused on OCD.

This particular video followed 36 year old Alex Crawford, as she bravely opened up about her experiences of living with OCD, explaining the types of intrusive thoughts she has, and the rituals she feels compelled to complete in order to reduce her anxiety. It was really refreshing to see such a high profile platform like The Evening Standard showing the real side to OCD, and highlighting the intrusive thoughts that we know are so prominent with this condition. We are really grateful to Alex for sharing her story. Not only will it help a lot of people feel less alone with their own OCD, but we hope it will help educate a wider audience about what OCD is really like to live with.

We were really pleased that The Evening Standard consulted OCD Action throughout the process to ensure that OCD would be properly represented. 

If you didn't catch the series when it was released, don't worry, it is still available to view on The Evening Standard website