The Ledge-end of Rachel Vickers

Do you suffer from vertigo? You may want to look away now. Because what one of our amazing fundraisers is about to do could make even a seasoned daredevil go weak at the knees!

Rachel Vickers has OCD herself, and wanted to raise money and awareness for OCD Action in a way that would allow her to push herself to her limit. So on Saturday 25th June, she’s going to be doing a particularly daring exploit.

Rachel, with her friend Lee, will be spending an entire night sleeping on a precarious ledge half-way down a cliff in Wales. Her bed for the night will be suspended over the edge of the cliff by ropes, and she’ll spend the whole time being able to see the dizzying sight of the sea far, far below her. Not only this, but she’ll have to abseil down the cliff itself in order to get there! Anyone feeling queasy already?

Rachel doesn’t consider herself particularly athletic or brave, so this is a huge thing for her. On the challenge, she says:

Having only abseiled once, last year, where I cried and almost had an underwear incident, this is pretty scary for me. There’s a difference between sliding down the side of a smooth building where you are more than aware of how safe you are as you can clearly see the mechanisms holding you on, and chucking yourself over the edge of a cliff, above the world’s biggest soup. I am terrified of the sea: this is going to be very scary indeed for me.

For this incredible feat, Rachel is raising money on her JustGiving page. She’s already managed to reach £343, far surpassing her £300 target, and you can help her raise even more by donating! All the money raised will go towards OCD Action and help people affected by the disorder.

So a huge good luck to Rachel, and thank you for taking on such a terrifying challenge to help people with OCD.

If you feel inspired by this and would like to try something of your own, then we’re always thrilled to have fundraisers on board! Just get in touch with Phil at or call him on 020 7253 5272 and we’ll do as much as possible to help you through the process.