King for a Month

Could you give up something you love for a month to help people with OCD?

Alasdair King is doing just that!

For the whole of October, Alasdair will be giving up alcohol in order to raise money for OCD Action. As you can see from the picture, he's now on a strictly tea-only regime for the whole month... and look how thrilled he is about it!

The reason for choosing this challenge is truly inspiring. Alastair believes that alcohol often gets in the way of talking about mental health in a sensible way, so he plans to go without it for a month to have a proper discussion.

Alasdair wrote:
Having been diagnosed with OCD a few years ago I feel like it is now time to give something back and help to raise awareness and promote mental health across a public spectrum. 

The amount of drunken conversations held in pubs over the years with friends on the topic of mental health leads me to believe that there is a problem with our attitude to the subject. Let's do it without the pint this time eh?

We completely agree that there are many problems with the way people talk about mental health, and we're sure Alasdair's month without alcohol will do a fantastic job of raising awareness.

Alasdair has been doing a brilliant job of fundraising too. So far he's raised an impressive £285... and he's only been sober a few days.

Thank you so much to Alasdair, and best of luck with your month without the bottle!

Donate to Alasdair's JustGiving page

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