Kelly's Fundraising Heroes

We often have amazing fundraisers going to great lengths to help people with OCD – but it’s not often that they have equally amazing employers who match what they raise.

Kelly’s Storage, the employers of Anita Carter, are doing just that!

A storage company for the London and Surrey regions, Kelly’s Storage believes strongly in helping small charities.

Kelly's Storage wrote:
We know that smaller, local charities often can’t fund charity sporting events because the outgoings make it unprofitable. Events can cost a lot and organising them takes up valuable time and resources. Our role is to provide everything needed – from equipment, on-site tech, marketing and people power so that every penny is sent to charity, not towards paying for the event. As the UK specialists in storage, Kelly's Storage have been established as part the community in Guildford for 80 years and now have a warehouse in St Alban's too. We  recognise the importance of giving back but we want to do more than simply donating funds so we set up our Kelly's Storage Charity Events. Through these we can give our time and expertise, too, applying a businesslike approach to charity fund-raising. By doing this both sides benefit: local charities are given a platform and we gain long lasting and fruitful relationships that we value highly.

Kelly’ Storage is encouraging all staff to raise money for their favourite charities this summer, and Anita decided to take this opportunity to fundraise for a charity that is close to her heart – OCD Action!

Anita and her Sales Team colleagues took on a 24 office cycle-a-thon on Saturday 8th September. Using an exercise bike in the office, they (between them) continuously cycled for 24 hours straight (including, of course, through the night!) This was a huge undertaking, and meant broken sleep and achy legs, but they truly went the extra mile to help so many great causes. We hope that Anita was spurred on by the knowledge that she was helping so many people with OCD.

With the support of her family, friends and all those amazing people, Anita has raised a brilliant £135 for OCD Action - and the team as a whole have raised even more!

That’s not all, though: Kelly’s Storage, are going to be completely Match Funding what she’s raised! This means that they’ve raised at least £270 for OCD Action so far.

Thank you so much to Anita and Kelly’s Storage for all you’re doing, and congratulations on the 24 hour cycle!

Article by Terry Li Xiang Zhen