Instrumental Health documentary series

OCD Action recently had the pleasure of meeting Pete Eliot, an independent filmmaker passionate about reducing mental health stigma. Pete very kindly gave OCD Action the opportunity to take part in a new documentary series for Mental Health Awareness Month which takes place throughout May. Instrumental Health not only highlights a range of mental health conditions, but also covers important topics such as mental health in the workplace and in the music industry. 

Pete Eliot, creator of Instrumental Health said:

"I didn't know that what I'd been suffering with all my life had a name. I knew very little about OCD. I knew my checking behaviour would present itself most in times of stress. But I didn't know about intrusive thoughts until I decided to make the Instrumental Health documentary series and I found information on the OCD Action website & Dan Furlong talking about it online. Now that I have a name for it and I understand it, I'm taking the steps to deal with it, and OCD already has less control over me. I always used to just put up with the checking, but now, following the interviews with Dan & Olivia, I'm managing to fight that overwhelming urge to check doors and taps multiple times - I walk away because I tell myself that I know they're locked, I know they're turned off. It's difficult and takes time, but I'm realising the urge weakens the more I manage to walk away. Intrusive thoughts I think are more difficult, but the first step is recognising when it's OCD and I'm making progress there too. The Instrumental Health documentary series not only discusses OCD but also subjects like music therapy and how being out in nature helps our mental wellbeing. My hopes are that through making this series, someone else in my situation becomes aware of what is deeply affecting them and can take the necessary steps, seek advice from amazing organisations like OCD Action, and get all the help they need in order to take control back and make positive changes in their life."

We were delighted to be able to contribute to this important series along with one of our incredible fundraisers, Dan Furlong. A huge thank you to Pete for giving us this platform to speak about OCD. We hope the series will help to educate and inform the general public about the real OCD and how people affected can seek the support and treatment they deserve. 


Watch all of the 'Understanding OCD' videos below (the rest of the series can be accessed via youtube).