IGD's incredible fundraising day!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to put on a big fundraising day at your company? Lorraine and Viv, employees of IGD (a research and training charity that works in the food and grocery industry), have done just that!

Lorraine and Viv, having personal experience of OCD, deeply understand the stigma and misunderstanding around this devastating mental health condition, and this motivated them to hold a giant fundraising day at their company to help raise awareness. On this exciting day, IGD held an all-day dress down, accompanied by quizzes, games and a delicious bake sale!



The day was a HUGE success, raising an INCREDIBLE £2,440.64 for OCD Action – over eight times their original target!

Lorraine wrote:
Have you ever referred to yourself or someone else as ‘being a bit OCD’? We all have. But behind the jokes, memes and TV shows, there’s a serious mental health disorder that affects the lives of millions every day. Having both been personally affected by OCD, Viv and I would like to raise awareness of the disorder over the next few days, and raise as much as we can for OCD Action so they can continue to do the same.

We’re incredibly grateful to the wonderful support of IGD, and Lorraine and Viv themselves, and the money and awareness they raised will do a huge amount to help people struggling with OCD. Thank you all so much!

Check out Lorraine and Viv's JustGiving page here

Article written by Terry Li Xiang Zhen