I would walk 1200 miles...

It seems like our fundraisers just won’t stop coming up with mindblowingly hardcore challenges to help people with OCD! This month will see the start of the latest fundraising activity to make you go “Wait... they’re doing what?”

Tom Clancy (no, not that one!) has lived with OCD in various forms for over a decade. A couple of years ago he went through a particularly bad patch that motivated him to finally seek out support, and with the help of Let’s Talk Gloucestershire and OCD Action he’s managed to get CBT and is now feeling much better.  But he's not in the mood for any rest! So starting on 6th June, Tom is going to be travelling the entire journey from John o’ Groats to Land’s End... and he’s going to be walking the whole way. This is around 1200 miles of walking, and he’s doing the whole thing! Tom estimates that this is going to take him around 10 weeks. Not only this, but he’s also going to be camping out every night (with the odd stop at a hotel or B&B to recharge his batteries), carrying all of his equipment with him, cooking his own food, and scaling the Three Peaks of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon along the way!!

He's not just doing all this for the 'fun' of it, though. Tom's aim is to increase understanding of OCD and help those suffering from it. Over his journey, Tom will be travelling through various parts of the country, and in each and every area he goes through, there will be people living with OCD. So with this in mind, Tom aims to raise as much awareness for the cause as possible. He’s going to be reaching out to local services and media in the different areas he’s passing through, so he can raise awareness as he goes. And he wants to encourage as many people with OCD as possible to meet up with him on the way, perhaps even travelling parts of his journey with him.

We met with Tom the other day, and he’s pretty nervous as he’s never taken on something of this scale before, but he’s excited all the same! But not quite as excited as we are to see how well he’s going to get on!

Tom has set up a website for his expedition, and it’s well worth a look, with an incredibly moving and honest My OCD Story section, and plenty of resources about OCD. He’s also set up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where he’s planning to keep us all regularly updated as he progresses on his journey, and has put an inspiring video on Youtube explaining what he's doing (and why) and what he hopes to achieve. Take a look below!


And Tom's planning to raise funds too, of course - for  Mind, for OCD-UK and, last but not least, for OCD Action! So please go to Tom’s Virgin Money Giving page, and help him raise funds for these three great charities through the incredible feat he’s attempting!

Have you decided to take on something like this? Or maybe you have a simpler, but no less appreciated, idea to raise money or awareness for us? Get in touch with Phil at  philip@ocdaction.org.uk or on 020 7253 5272 and we’ll do as much as we can to get your message out there.

Best of luck Tom, and enjoy your trip!