Everything's Coming Up Rosemont

Ever heard of Rosemont Recruitment? They’re a company that specialises in recruitment in the construction sector in Southern England and Wales. But this year, they’re also going to be recruiting their own staff to help our cause!

With any organisation, there will always be people working in their midst who have debilitating and often invisible mental health issues. In Rosemont’s case, one of their employees is affected by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

So when Rosemont came to choose a Charity of the Year they decided to choose a cause close to home. We’ve been given the huge honour of being Rosemont Recruitment’s very first Charity of the Year – we like the way that sounds!

On their decision to choose us, Rosemont said:

OCD takes many forms of which many are not aware of, or fully understand. The OCD symptoms can range from mild to severe, some actions you will see through physical activity and some will be purely agonized over within the mind. Some people with OCD may spend an hour or so a day engaged in obsessive-compulsive thinking and behaviors, but for others the condition can completely take over their life. So please follow us as we partake in fundraising events throughout the year and follow this link to donate to OCD Action, a wonderful charity helping vulnerable people in need of help and guidance which is so hard to find.

Rosemont are going to be doing multiple different fundraising events on our behalf over the next year. We don’t know what most of these are going to be, but we’ve absolutely no doubt that they’re going to be very exciting!

What we do know is that their first event is just around the corner. On Saturday 18th June, their team will be running in the 5k Rainbow Run in Bristol. Taking place on the beautiful Bristol Downs, this promises to be a thrilling event and we can’t wait to see them running it in their OCD Action t-shirts! Here are two of the Rosemont team:

Check out their JustGiving page here. They've already managed to raise £146.50 including Gift Aid, so get donating and help them raise even more!

In the meantime, thank you Rosemont Recruitment! Thank you for all you’re doing for us, and we promise we’ll live up to the honour of Charity of the Year. And best of luck with the run!

Would you like to do a fundraising event? Or perhaps you’d like some suggestions as to what you could do to help raise money or awareness to help people with OCD? Just get in touch with Phil at philip@ocdaction.org.uk or call him on 020 7253 5272. We’ll do everything we can to support you!