Chatman vs OCD: Dawn of Fundraising

Move aside superheroes: this is the really important showdown of the next few weeks. Bronwen Chatman will be running the Reading Half Marathon on 3rd April, and she’s doing it for OCD Action!

It’s always inspiring when people challenge themselves to do things like this when affected by OCD themselves, and Bronwen’s JustGiving page has a hugely inspiring story.

Bronwen has OCD related to intrusive thoughts, and spends hours of her day re-doing actions to neutralise the thoughts, such as “walking, turning off a light switch, locking doors, going up stairs, plugging something in, and getting dressed”. And Bronwen is frustrated by how many people view OCD as a harmless and quirky preoccupation with cleaning.

Through CBT and the amazing support of others, Bronwen’s OCD has hugely improved (though she still finds it difficult), and so Bronwen is running the Reading Half Marathon in order to show her appreciation. And the money will go to OCD Action, as Bronwen has benefitted hugely from the support groups with which OCD Action works and wants to help raise money to help others in her situation.

She’s managed to rope her friend Millie into doing the run with her, and has even been getting up early on Sunday mornings for training! She and Millie have recently managed to do an 11 mile run. So while it be tough – in Bronwen’s words, “It will be a challenge around the course on the day with the OCD trying to ignore the cracks, drains and signs” – we have no doubt the two of them will knock it out the park when it comes to the big day!

Bronwen has already managed to meet her £100 target, so visit her JustGiving page and help her get even more! But awareness is just as important to here: “Even if you are not able to donate,” she says. “I hope that you will think twice before saying someone is so OCD for being clean”.

Best of luck to Bronwen and Millie, and hope you smash it come the 3rd April!

Do you have a similar story? Or perhaps you’re someone without OCD who feels strongly about it and wants to raise money and awareness? Just get in touch with Phil at or on 020 7253 5272. We couldn’t do what we do without people like you!