British 10K 2018 - Meet our amazing runners!

Sunday 15th July is the date of one of the year's biggest sporting events. The World Cup final? The Wimbledon Mens final? No, though they're happening too.

Of course, the most important event this Sunday is the Virgin Sport Westminster British 10K, where there will be SIX wonderful people running for OCD Action!

The event is a 10km run with the atmosphere of a street party, where the runners get to experience the beautiful sights of Westminster, London, all while being cheered on by an adoring crowd. It's a really special day, and we're very proud to have 6 champions competing in the event to raise money for OCD Action.

Amanda Woodward

Amanda is running for one big reason: her six year old daughter, Nancy, lives with OCD.

Amanda wrote:
Not many people know this but Nancy suffers with OCD. It's such a cruel condition for a 6 year old to battle. It affects her in so many ways - it started with handwashing until her hands bled, has led on to having difficulties with mealtimes, the toilet, hoarding, cleanliness, constant obsessive intrusive thoughts about hurting people, taps and lights not being off.....the list goes on. I'm doing this run (please don't laugh or imagine me running!) to raise money for this wonderful charity [...] to improve and support the lives of those affected by OCD. Please donate any amount you wish, really every penny helps, corny as it sounds it really does.

We're stunned by Amanda's amazing fundraising so far - she's raised over £700 for OCD Action. Thank you so much Amanda, and very best of luck!

We'd also like to wish Amanda's friend Amelia Hall the best of luck too! Amelia will be running alongside Amanda for the charity OCD-UK.

You can donate to Amanda's JustGiving page here!


Thomas Fulk

Thomas is already a real fundraising hero - earlier this year, he took on the Lee Valley 10K alongside some of his family and friends (his brother Ian, his uncle Ian (who came first in his age category!), his mother in law Helen, and Bernie). Thomas finished the 10k in an outstanding 44 minutes 8 seconds, coming 31st overall in the race (out of a whopping 500 people!) Through this 10K, Thomas raised £880 - over three times the amount he'd planned to!

But he's not stopping there, which is why this Sunday he will be taking part in the British 10K.

Thomas wrote:
Fully aware that these races are only 10k but considering that not so long ago I had a huge fear of being alone in the shower it's a starting point and I believe it will also be a huge encouragement to the others who are running also as a support for me if a little bit of money can be raised for this worthwhile charity.

Best of luck Thomas, and thank you for everything you've done already!

You can donate to Thomas's JustGiving page here!


Tracey Marsden

Tracey, who is entering this challenge due to having family members affected by OCD, has put real commitment into her fundraising. She hosted a fundraising evening where she held a raffle, and all of the proceeds of the tickets (a staggering £201!) went towards her fundraising for the 10K. The evening was a huge success, and we're sure it did a fantastic job in raising awareness of this much misunderstood condition.

Tracey wrote:
I am doing this because I have close family members whose daily lives are severely affected by anxiety and OCD, not many people are aware of OCD and how much it can impact on someone's daily life.

Tracey has raised over £350 so far - congratulations, and good luck!

You can donate to Tracey's JustGiving page here!


Alex Kevill

Alex is a university lecturer who is taking part in the British 10K in order to fight back against this life-destroying disorder.

Alex wrote:
OCD is a hugely misunderstood and trivialised condition that has a disastrous impact on the lives of sufferers and those who care for them. I am raising money to help fight back against this awful anxiety condition. Any sponsorship is greatly appreciated!

He's been absolutely smashing his fundraising target, raising nearly £350 so far - well over double his target! Thank you so much Alex, and good luck!

You can donate to Alex's JustGiving page here!


Ian Deslow

Ian got the idea to fundraise for OCD Action when he studied Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for a project in his Level 3 Counselling course. He found it eye-opening to learn about the disorder and the devastation it causes, and decided to raise money to help people struggling with it.

Ian has raised over £70 so far. Good luck and thank you Ian!

You can donate to Ian's JustGiving page here!


Bobby Mcilwaine

Finally we have the fantastic Bobby Mcilwaine! Bobby is running to raise awareness of OCD and fundraise to help the charity run its vital services. He hasn't got an online fundraising page that we can link to, but he has been doing a brilliant job fundraising offline among his friends and family, raising over £120!

Thanks so much Bobby, and best of luck!


Our British 10K team are all utterly fantastic, and we're incredibly proud of each and every one of them. Good luck everyone, and we hope the weather treats you well on Sunday!

  • Want to come cheer on the team? Running a 10K is hard work, and being cheered on can really give runners a boost.

  • Inspired by these heroes, and want to do a run of your own?

If you're interested in either of these, get in touch with our Lead Fundraiser at